Gorlomi is a new fine Italian restaurant in the heart of Kolonaki with high quality amenities both in terms of gastronomic choices, environment and service. Despite the hustle and bustle of the city center, Gorlomi provides privacy and tranquility One can enjoy a meal or a fine wine in its luxurious lounge and on the warmer days, the patio is open which communicates with the interior space through a large glass window, thus maintaining an overall ambience throughout the entire space all year round. Join us for a unique Italian gastronomic experience!


Our award-winning executive chef Luca Piscazzi, born in Rome and having worked in some of the world’s best restaurants has curated the culinary choices of our menu offering unique dining delights. Gorlomi’s kitchen is available for dinner on all opening days while soon-and only on weekends-it will also serve midday meals! Accompanying our dishes, you can find a selection of about 200 wines of different varieties. Faithfully serving the Italian style, the majority of them are coming from Italian vineyards while you can also find selected labels, mainly from France and Greece.